FAQ's on Tattoo Design

Our Tattoo Design FAQ’s.

Explore our thorough list of frequently asked questions designed to guide your decision-making process before getting tattooed with Kayo. If you have any more questions, our online service team is ready to help you at each step. Count on us to create your perfect tattoo design and artwork.

Consider trying your tattoo without numbing cream initially, although it can reduce pain if needed. Remember, we neither provide nor apply numbing cream for you, but it’s available as a backup plan should you find the pain too intense.

At Kayo Tattoo, we prioritise creating unique, enduring body art with a focus on delivering designs that stand the test of time over providing budget tattoos. Our pricing system is piece-based, ensuring a clear and upfront understanding of your tattoo’s cost before starting the process. Our talented artists commit to never sacrificing quality, regardless of a design’s complexity or size, and always avoid rushing.

Since a tattoo offers only one chance to get it right, place your trust in our widely recognised reputation for delivering exceptional artwork.

You can pay for your tattoo with cash, card and bank transfer. 

No need to worry about deposits- with us, it’s never “all or nothing”! Instead of a refund, you can opt for one of the following options: studio credit, Official Kayo Merchandise, or even the chance to give your tattoo experience by transferring your deposit to someone else!

If there are any short-notice cancellations, you will unfortunately lose your deposit.

Every tattoo holds a unique and special story – your design, placement, size, and detail all play a role in bringing it to life.

Discuss your desires with our team to better understand the effort involved in crafting your art piece! While some tattoos might take only minutes, others might demand days of dedicated work.

Regardless of the duration or complexity, every achievement deserves celebration. Let’s create and celebrate your unique story together at Kayo Tattoo!

Dedicated care could heal your tattoo in as little as 4 – 6 weeks. Still, healing time varies from person to person based upon the size and complexity of their design; colouring or shading will take longer than a fine-line tattoo.

Whatever this newest addition looks like on you, it’s sure to add beauty , make sure you look after it well!

After your artist has carefully crafted and perfected the beautiful artwork of your new tattoo, it is crucial to protect this vulnerable open wound with plastic wrap for at least one hour.

Do not rewrap, as that may do more harm than good! For the first two days after you’ve removed the plastic wrap, clean only with water and pat dry – no soaps or lotions are allowed just yet.

After these initial 48 hours have passed, however, you can apply a thin layer of aftercare lotion every day moving forward to ensure optimal healing results!

Your tattoo will scab and peel.

This is an ordinary and necessary stage of the healing process.

DO NOT pick the scab; if you do, you’ll risk harming yourself as well as your finished product.

Keep your tattoo clean by using warm water and pat dry. There’s no need to scrub; just let it heal naturally.

After your tattoo, don’t swim or go in spas for at least two weeks—this will protect against the risk of infection or fading. Using a shower to clean your tattoo is recommended.

At our studio, we’re delighted to offer walk-in and booked appointments. To ensure the highest quality experience for your tattoo needs, booking in advance allows us ample time to allocate an artist with the expertise that best fits your needs!

Plus – it gives a guaranteed appointment, so there is no chance of having one allocated when all slots have been taken up on your chosen day.

Plan to schedule your tattoo at the end of your vacation. Numerous activities, especially swimming, can impact the healing of a new tattoo.

Ensure you maximise the enjoyment of your holiday memories and new tattoos by prioritising healing first!

Ensure you communicate openly and honestly with the tattoo artist about any medical conditions before getting a tattoo. Adhere strictly to safety procedures to safeguard your health and the artist’s. When executed correctly, tattoos are perfectly safe!

We do not tattoo individuals who are pregnant. This is for the health and safety of the individual and their unborn child.

Our inks are imported from the USA by trusted suppliers and are vegan-friendly. 

If you’re looking for a fresh start and are considering covering up an existing artwork, our talented team is here to help. We recommend exploring all options, including laser removal, which can lighten dark areas before jumping into your next tattoo – let’s work together closely to find that perfect design!

At Kayo Tattoo, you can enjoy a truly premium experience with your tattoo. With fixed prices that won’t surprise you, we are dedicated to taking all necessary time for perfection on each job – no shortcuts here! Get ready to be amazed by an unforgettable result.

Imagine a unique tattoo design, but you can’t draw it on paper. No problem! With a Kayo tattoo, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Our talented artists listen to your verbal details and incorporate any reference points to craft a perfect and beautiful design tailor-made just for you. Let’s get started on your one-of-a-kind artwork today!

When you arrive at Kayo Tattoo, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly team members. We will discuss your needs again to ensure everything is communicated 100% accurately between the client and artist before we commence your tattoo.

We will take photos of your finished tattoo, wrap you up, and explain our aftercare instructions. Once finished, another staff member will assist you in purchasing any desired products or aftercare items and make payment arrangements. Don’t forget that your photos may be featured on our social media as promotional material.

Are you planning a visit soon? Fantastic! Find our studio easily, within walking distance from the vibrant Jungceylon Shopping Center and Bangla Road. Convenient parking spaces await you across from Patong Gym, ensuring no parking hassles.

To kickstart your appointment promptly upon arrival, kindly allocate 15 minutes beforehand. We aim to ensure a smooth experience and provide each artist ample time for every project!


If you’re breastfeeding, prone to fainting, or experiencing excessive bleeding, it’s crucial to consider these factors before your appointment. Ensure you consult your GP about any blood-thinning medications you’re taking. Also, abstain from consuming alcohol or drugs within 24 hours of your appointment to ensure a smooth and safe tattooing process.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any concerns.

Waiting 24 hours is a good idea, as alcohol has the potential to weaken our immune systems. 

No. The more you can remove it, the better. 

Our artists will remove any excess fake tan in the area to be tattooed before commencing. A fake tan can interfere with the quality.

The peeling and scabbing will start around three days after your tattoo session. Please avoid scratching the tattoo. 

In as little as 4 – 6 weeks. Still, healing time varies from person to person based upon the size and complexity of their design; colouring or shading will take longer than a fine-line tattoo. 

  1. Your artist takes photos of the finished work.

  2. Your artist wraps your skin in plastic. Maintain this protection for no longer than an hour.

  3. Remove the wrap and gently clean your tattoo with warm water, patting dry for two days. (Avoid soap or body wash.)

  4. Apply a thin layer of tattoo aftercare balm twice daily, starting 48 hours post-tattoo, until fully healed.

  5. Avoid excessive moisture for at least two weeks, including activities like swimming and visiting spas, saunas, and gyms.

  6. Shield your new ink from the sun.

  7. Refrain from picking or scratching to prevent infection, scarring, and fading.

  8. Be mindful that tattoo ink can stain items, such as hotel linen and clothing, during the initial few days.

  9. While most tattoos heal within 4-6 weeks, complete healing can take up to six months, making diligent aftercare vital.

  10. Reach out to our support team with any questions or concerns.

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