Terms & Conditions

1. All customers must be at least 18+ to receive tattoos.

2. Customers must show valid identification before receiving a tattoo or piercing. We reserve the right only to allow service if proper identification is presented in full.

3. All tattoos and piercings come with an understanding that guarantees can only be made regarding their longevity and healing with proper aftercare instructions from our studio.

4. Any customer the artist(s) deemed excessively intoxicated will not be served any services and may be removed immediately.

5. Payment must be provided in full before services are rendered. Acceptable payment methods include cash, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), or approved third-party financing options such as CareCredit or LendingPoint (subject to change). 

6. Cancellations: 24 hours’ notice should be given before cancelling an appointment; cancellations within 24 hours will incur a fee equal to 50% of the cost of the procedure scheduled for cancellation. No calls/No shows will incur a fee equal to 100% of the price of the course designed for cancellation/no-show. No refunds are given for any courses completed in our studio; all sales are considered final upon completion unless other arrangements have been agreed upon between both parties beforehand in writing. Appointments missed due to extenuating circumstances may be rescheduled without penalty or refunded at our discretion based on the evaluation of those circumstances provided by the client when booking an appointment (Verification may need to be provided). Rescheduling within the same week with less than 48 hours notice will result in a charge of a fee equal to 25% of the procedure scheduled for that day for the date change request can be processed successfully; this fee will go towards the total cost of operation on rescheduled appointment date chosen. Reschedule requests outside of the same week are accepted, but you must provide 72 hours notice before the original appointment time & date so the request can be processed successfully & no fee is charged if done. If the rescheduled request is accepted, but the appointment date is not changed within two weeks, then the demand is cancelled & the original terms & fees apply. We also reserve the right at any point during your visit should you become disruptive, disrespectful or otherwise unruly we reserve the right at any point during your stay should you become disruptive, rude or otherwise intractable we reserve the right terminate services immediately and take appropriate measures necessary; refunds do not apply in these cases.

7. Regarding gratuity: We kindly thank you for your contribution; however, we have a strict NO TIPPING policy as part of our commitment towards providing quality services without additional expectations other than payment for service rendered as specified above.

8. By agreeing with these terms and conditions, you agree that it is possible that minor bleeding, irritation, bruising or swelling may occur following any tattooing/piercing treatment done at Kayo Tattoo Studio Phuket Thailand and understand that minor temporary side effects like these are expected and usually resolve themselves quickly with proper aftercare instructions being followed correctly through duration until fully healed. Furthermore, there were complications from further treatments related to the abovementioned condition. In that case, you agree that Kayo Tattoo Studio shall not hold liable nor responsible financially for covering expenses related to the state, such as medical care, medications etc. You also agree that all services performed here shall accept free consultation regarding aftercare plans explicitly tailored to the individual situation the client is currently experiencing.